Thursday 20 October 2016

the first official 2016/17 picks coming on Saturday

And so it begins - again. The wait is finally over and I'll be sending the first official 2016/17 picks & previews on Saturday.

Maybe not on this first "official" Saturday, but I do plan to share some of my unofficial last-minute picks based on late team news here on the blog, so stay tuned if you might be interested in those. As far as my unofficial long-term bet on Dag & Red to bounce straight back to League Two either via winning the league or via promotion which was taken @6.00 more than a month ago, it's going very well, thank you. The best odds currently available are as short as @3.75 with the likes of Bet365 and Marathon.

Btw I'm working on another article which I'll publish here on the blog next week and I'm also considering doing a weekly round-up of betting news each week. There's always plenty of things going on in this crazy betting world and, except for some well respected twitter accounts, I can't seem to find a location with all the most important and most interesting news in one place.

For starters, I'll do my best to make October 2016 my 10th consecutive profitable month and, obviously, to make the 2016/17 season my 11th consecutive profitable campaign.

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