Friday 12 January 2018

December 2017 review


2/12 NL: (-0.25) WREXHAM - Maidenhead  (1.60 @Pinnacle) 2 points  FT 2:0 (+1.2)
2/12 NL: Halifax - BARROW  (2.57 @Pinnacle) 0.5 point FT 0:1 (+0.785)
9/12 NL: (-0.5) ALDERSHOT - Halifax  (1.50 @Pinnacle) 2 points  FT 0:1 (-2)
9/12 NL: Eastleigh - BROMLEY  (3.28 @Pinnacle) 0.5 point  FT 4:4 (-0.5)
23/12 NL: Bromley - (0) MACCLESFIELD  (1.76 @Pinnacle) 2 points  FT 1:1 (+/-0)
23/12 NL: Woking - BARROW  (2.50 @Pinnacle) 0.5 point  FT 1:2 (+0.75)

6 picks
7.5 points staked
+0.235 point profit
3.1% ROI
0.5% ROC
(advised bank: 50 points)

I'm not sure why I'm keeping the advised bank at fifty points when I'm both using a forty-point bank myself and "unofficially recommending" it to everyone who asks, but I'm not going to change it in the middle of the campaign - I've only changed the official recommendation from sixty to fifty points in the summer, but I'd have to go on a horrible losing run not to change it to forty points (officially, unofficially, superficially and extraficially) after the current season ends and I take a closer look at the results in the last three seasons or, if you want, since I've made the latest key adjustments to the service in the summer of 2015.

Anyway, December 2017 was another profitable month - barely, but still. The outsider bets were one goal short of a perfect 3/3 record in December and produced a +1.035 point profit, but the asian handicap bets on favorites had a mixed month with one win, one loss and one void and produced a -0.8 point loss. As I was in red going into the last active weekend in December, there will once again be no complaints from yours truly.

2017 turned out to be an amazing year (the best ROC since 2011 and the best ROI since 2009!), but more on that in my next post. I was far from being the busiest blogger in 2017 and I'll be far from being the busiest blogger in 2018, but I should probably try and write a couple of posts per month that aren't monthly reviews. The actual work obviously comes first, but I'll do my best to find a bit more time for the old blog in 2018.

I'm very late, but Happy New Year, everybody! :)

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