Monday 5 February 2018

January 2018 review


6/1 NL: (0) WREXHAM - Torquay  (1.33 @Pinnacle) 4 points  FT 4:0 (+1.32)
13/1 NL: Woking - (-0.25) TRANMERE  (1.42 @Pinnacle) 4 points FT 0:1 (+1.68)
20/1 NL: (-0.75) TRANMERE - Maidenhead  (1.58 @Pinnacle) 4 points  FT 3:2 (+1.16)
20/1 NL: Maidstone - EASTLEIGH  (3.03 @Pinnacle) 1 point  FT 2:3 (+2.03)
20/1 NL: Torquay - BROMLEY  (2.71 @Pinnacle) 1 point  FT 0:4 (+1.71)
27/1 NL: Ebbsfleet - BOREHAM WOOD  (2.61 @Pinnacle) 1 point  FT 0:3 (+1.61)
27/1 NL: Leyton Orient - ALDERSHOT  (2.57 @Pinnacle) 1 point  FT 2:3 (+1.57)

7 picks
16 points staked
+11.08 points profit
69.3% ROI
22.2% ROC
(advised bank: 50 points)

A perfect month with seven out of seven, including as many as four outsider bets. I can only hope for another perfect month some time in 2019, because I doubt it could happen twice in a year.

Btw I've also advised a couple of unofficial long-term bets before I returned to the official picks in mid-October, but I wasn't able to take the bets myself (and neither were most of my clients, unfortunately) as they were (and still are) only available with BetVictor, Skybet and Betway, so not exactly the most winners-friendly bookmakers out there. I know that some of my clients managed to take the bets though (not for as much as they wanted, but still) and I'm glad they did. Anyway, both long-term bets were in the "top seven finish" market - starting with this season, there's a new six-team play-off system in the National League. The first bet was Aldershot (to finish in the top seven), advised on September 23. The best odds were 1.73 with Skybet (1.67 with Betway, 1.57 with BetVictor) and anything better than 1.40 looked great to me back then - they're only 1.13 now with both Skybet and Betway (1.10 with BetVictor). The second bet was Wrexham (to finish in the top seven), advised on October 7. The best odds were 2.75 with BetVictor (2.50 with Betway, 2.38 with Skybet) and anything better than 2.20 looked great to me back then - they're only 1.22 now with Betway (1.20 with Skybet, 1.17 with BetVictor).

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