Thursday 29 September 2016

another unofficial pick coming soon

As things stand, I'll most probably have an unofficial pick for one of the upcoming weekend games, so tune back in before the Saturday 3 PM kick-off if you're interested.

I've mentioned less mistakes in the PA National League data reports lately. Scratch that. I've now analyzed all weekend (and one midweek) games and there's plenty of subs and yellow cards missing - again. They've even sent off the wrong guy - it wasn't Jones who was sent off for Woking away at Tranmere in injury time on Saturday. Jones was only yellow carded early in the opening half, which naturally isn't mentioned in the PA data report at all, while Ralph's the one who was sent off (after which Poke saved Norwood's penalty). The report on Woking's official website says so. The report on Tranmere's official website says so. The FA list of National League suspensions says so. You can even watch the challenge and the subsequent (saved) penalty on YouTube. I don't know that much about the Press Association, but surely they'd prefer to have the correct data in their reports, wouldn't they?

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