Wednesday 7 September 2016

is blogging still a thing?

Hi everybody!

It doesn't feel like it's been more than a year and a half since my last blog post, to be honest. I guess time just goes by more quickly as you're getting older. Not fair, but I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it, can I?

What I am going to do is get back to blogging. As I won't be advising official picks before October 22, this blog seems like a perfect place for a few unofficial picks I plan to advise in the next month and a half, some of which might be ante-post bets and those, as far as the National League (Conference) is concerned, unfortunately aren't available with the likes of Pinnacle and SBO - and also for some articles on betting. I can't promise these will be constructive or even interesting, but I can promise I'll do my best.

The first article will be about the Press Association decision to stop collecting some of the National League match data - they're still providing some data, but in a much lesser format (for instance, they're not providing the shots on/off target data anymore), which is why services based on the number of shots will/have probably have/had to drop National League altogether. I think it's an interesting subject and I'll try and get some of my colleagues to join the conversation. The post should be online in a couple of days.

So is blogging still a thing? I'm not sure. Either way, It's good to be back.

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